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Skin Type: Normal, Combination, Oily, Mature, Dull, Congested, Hyperpigmented

Glow brings numerous powdered wonders of the herbal world together to exfoliate your face on a weekly basis.

Exfoliation is a valuable treatment in skincare for unclogging pores, removing dull, dead skin cells and deep cleansing the skin. However, scrubbing your face like it’s the kitchen floor is not ideal. Your facial skin is tender and easily abraded, and physical exfoliants can often be too aggressive, leaving micro-tears in the skin. Exfoliating your face is something to be done delicately by the right ingredients. Glow fulfills that important job for you easily.

This preservative-free, powdered Vitamin C skin treatment has powdered organic herbs and grains, clays, fruit enzymes and more to gently sweep over skin and loosen debris without damage to skin. The acids, enzymes and fiber work hard for you so you don’t have to treat your skin like a scullery maid with a soup pot.

Organic Oat flour creates a soothing, Beta-glucan rich base for the rest of our very active ingredients. Powdered Organic Coconut water adds Vitamin C and a range of balancing minerals. Just like it hydrates your insides it performs the same for your skin when applied topically, rejuvenating cells. Coconut water also contains Kinetin, a substance that performs as a plant growth hormone and cell division regulator. (J Chromatogr B Analyt Technol Biomed Life Sci. 2005 Dec 27;829(1-2):26-34.) Kinetin has been studied in clinical trials and peer-reviewed studies and been found to improve skin’s ability to resist photoaging and improve skin’s evenness and wrinkling. (J Cosmet Dermatol. 2007 Dec;6(4):243-9.) These properties make coconut water a valuable skin saver in this multifunctional formula.

Papain and 8% Vitamin C star as the really powerful exfoliating agents. Papain is an enzyme from Papaya that breaks down proteins. It gently works on dead skin cells in synergy with Vitamin C, which as an acid loosens the “glue” that holds the Stratum Corneum layer of skin cells together, allowing them to lift away easily. The level of Vitamin C in this powder is a potent contributor to skin brightness, collagen production, and fine line reduction.

Green Coffee extract adds a shot of tightening caffeine for skin and further antioxidants, and Panax Ginseng extract, standardized for Ginsenosides, stimulates repair within the skin. Ginseng has been studied and documented effective in assisting wound healing and preventing UVB sun damage to skin. If daily damage is thought of as a minor wound this herb is a valuable helper in both limiting long term damage to skin and stimulating repair. (Journal of Biomedicine and Biotechnology Volume 2012 (2012), Article ID 946242, 11 pages)

Bentonite clay pulls toxins out of the skin like a magnet, and a range of antioxidant-rich herbs such as Organic Olive Leaf and Turmeric boost Glow’s anti-aging offerings. Organic Astragalus stimulates and supports the body’s immune system which can improve inflammation, helping heal irritations.

All told this is the specialty product to add to your regimen to support your skin’s youthful qualities, clarity, brightness and firmness. Just once or twice a week exfoliation can offer major benefits in improving the absorption of your daily anti-aging serums and moisturizers, as well as preventing clogged pores that lead to breakouts. Enhance your overall skincare results in just one easy step with Glow.



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